Why was my account blocked?

Please note that we may have blocked your account for the following reasons:

1) You have more than one account
2) You post a lot of commercial ads
3) You constantly repeat your Ads without deleting the old ones
4) You place illegal/prohibited Ads
5) You place fake ADs
6) You post job ads on behalf of other companies (recruitment companies)

Why is my ad pending?

Your Ad is being reviewed by our Customer Support Team. If your AD is pending for too long, please communicate with us through the 'Contact Us' Form.

How to get more responses to my ad?

There are a lot of factors that can affect the sale of an item, here are some pointers you may check to help get more responses for your ad:


Email: sillara.lk responses may be ending up in your junk mail folder, so make sure you check your junk folder.


Phone number: Make sure that your phone number is showing on your ad (not hidden). Most users prefer to call the advertiser directly. We do not share your contact information with our users, so unless you choose to show your number, they will not be able to contact you by telephone.


Photos: Make your ad more attractive by adding photos to your ad. Make sure you add good, relevant, clear and real photos of the item you are selling.


-Description: Try to type as much information as you can in the item's description. (i.e: size, color, dimensions, where you got it from and why are you selling it.) 


Price: Maybe your price is too high. Compare the price of your ad with other similar ads on the website. If yours is significantly higher we recommend you to try and lower it so you can attract more interested users.


What is the photos size/format?

You can upload up to 5 photos with the maximum size of 5 MB/photo. Accepted formats are .jpg, .gif, .png

Can I post one ad in different cities?

Unfortunately, You cannot post in more than one city, but you can edit the ad and select a new city for better selling chances.

Am I restricted to a number of Ads?

No, There is no limited number to the Ads you can post.

What are prohibited ads on Sillara.lk?

We are at Sillara.lk try to keep the selling and buying experience smooth and safe for both parties.


That's why we are banning some items, words, and jobs to be available on our platform.

  • All the items that are not allowed to be bought or sold by the law are not allowed on our website as well.
  • All the Items that could lead to direct or indirect harm are not allowed.
  • All the Items without legit ownership papers (if required) are not allowed.
  • All the Jobs or services that promote or includes illegal job description or indecency are not allowed.
  • All the words that are inappropriate or indecent.

As an Example and not limited to:

Self-defense devises




Medications and supplements

Shrinking or enlarging body parts devices

Sale or Purchase Database of customers

Body parts

Metal detector

Any motorcycle without ownership papers

Any device can open the encrypted channels

All bad words or Indecency

Anything made of ivory or fur

Magic books

Official documents



 Why can't I put my email in description?

This will protect your privacy and your email for being misused by unknown parties.

Including your email address in your ad is unnecessary as every ad includes a contact box that allows users to email you without them gaining access to your contact information.

What is the expiry date of ads?

Your ad will stay live for two month or until you take it down, so if you’ve sold the item remove the ad. 

 You will be able to view your expired ads on your account page, and you can only delete those ads but you can't edit them.

Why was my ad rejected?

Unfortunately, your ad was rejected because it didn't meet one or more than one of our posting rules, and we keep these rules to provide quick, easy, safe and better selling and buying experience for our users.


Your ad could be rejected for one of the following reasons:

  1. Photos: Your photos must be real as we don't advice you to attach a stock photos from the internet, make sure your photo is in the upright position no sideways or upside down, make sure your photo does not include email or links or prices or any logos, the photo must be accepted by the public moralities and ethics, if you are renting a property you have to attach a photo shows the inside of the property, please don't copy a photo from another ad even if it's yours.

    If your ad(s) was deleted because of that reason please go back to your rejected ads and resubmit it.
  2. Repetitive: Your ad was a duplicate of one of your previous ads, please note that you can post about an item/job only once, also note that deleting your ad (deactivating or permanently) and post another ad about the same item will be considered a duplicate.
  3. Bad description: Your description is not clear enough or is not descriptive as it should be, also note that you can only use English, Sinhala or Tamil as a language for your ads, No personal info should be included nor a mobile number that is different than what you have in the mobile field and of course make sure not to type any kind of bad words or something against moralities or ethics.

    If your ad(s) was deleted because of that reason please go back to your rejected ads and resubmit it.
  4. Invalid price: You have set a price for your item that is not realistic or relevant to the market prices, or you could be missing a certain number of '0' digits (e.g. 50 instead of 50000).

    If your ad(s) was deleted because of that reason please go back to your rejected ads and resubmit it.
  5. Bad title: Your title cannot contain any personal info or written in any language rather than English, Sinhala or Tamil and of course must meet the public morals and ethics.

    If your ad(s) was deleted because of that reason please go back to your rejected ads and resubmit it.
  6. Multiple items: Your ad must only include one item if you have more than one item to sell, please post a separated ad for every item you have.
  7. No category: You have probably posted an ad regarding a service or an ad that we have no category for as we don't accept it.
  8. Forbidden: You have posted an ad promoting an illegal item, service or job, please make sure that the ad you are posting about does not go against your country rules or the public moralities or ethics.
  9. Email/Links: Please make sure you don't include in your ad description or title any email addresses or links as we are trying to provide a safe environment we prevent the promoting for items outside the website boundaries.

    If your ad(s) was deleted because of that reason please go back to your rejected ads and resubmit it.



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